Emerging Economy: Emerging Talent

  • Shachi Irde
  • Madhuvanthi Ravi


Women today are present in every field of work. Research has consistently indicated strong correlation between diverse senior management and financial performance of organizations, highlighting business benefits from having considerable number of women employees as part of the workforce. Though global organizations hire women, they fail to realize the concerns women employees face and often do not enable their advancement through special support. The changing demographics are posing a threat of a possible talent crunch which is working its spell on organizations that are currently looking at investing in women. The scarcity of global talent has led to many organizations pro-actively doing their best to recognize, retain, and develop women. In India, keeping women employees on the job has proven difficult in a traditional patriarchal society. According to U.N. statistics, at 34.2 % India’s rate of female participation in the workforce is the lowest of any of the BRIC countries. Women make up 42 % of college graduates in India, a high potential talent pool that is available but largely untapped. What India needs is not just the change in organizational policies, but a societal change in attitudes and perceptions to bridge the talent gap.


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