Factors Determined Snow Accumulation Over the Greater Athens Area During the Latest Snowfall Events

  • A. Voudouri
  • D. Kotta
Conference paper
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Snowfall events accompanied with snow accumulation over the Greater Athens Area (GAA) are not common. The last event in GAA took place between 7th and 9th of March 2011 (case 1). The prevailing synoptic conditions that forced this snowfall, namely the entrainment of arctic air masses, accompanied by moister and warmer air masses from the Aegean following the north-northeasterly flow, were quite similar to those of the previous intense snowfall in GAA between the 16th and 18th of February 2008 (case 2). However the effects as well as the intensity of case 1 were less than expected compared to those recorded in case 2. This study is focused not only to further investigate the mechanisms that may generate snowfall events over GAA, but mainly the key-factors that restrained the snowfall in GAA in case 1 from being intense, affecting also operational forecast. This is made through the intercomparison of both cases using available observations and numerical weather prediction products such as ensemble prediction and deterministic forecasts.


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The authors would like to acknowledge G. Mouxasiri and M. Plioutsas for providing figures of ECMWF forecasts and satellite images respectively and I. Mallas for providing the ECMWF EPSgrams.


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  1. 1.Hellenic National Meteorological ServiceEllinikoGreece

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