Effect of Atmospheric Temperature Variations on Total Ozone Measured with a Brewer MKII Spectrophotometer at Thessaloniki

  • K. Fragkos
  • A. F. Bais
  • C. Meleti
Conference paper
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The effect of atmospheric temperature and ozone profiles on the total ozone column (TOC) measurements of a Brewer spectrophotometer operating at Thessaloniki is investigated. The standard retrieval algorithm does not account for the temperature dependence of the ozone cross sections producing a bias in the measured TOC. The effect on TOC depends on the vertical profiles of temperature and ozone. For the Brewer at Thessaloniki, the temperature dependence of the instrument dependent effective ozone absorption coefficient ranges between 0.09%/°C and 0.13%/°C, resulting in up to 2% error in TOC. The marked annual variability of stratospheric temperature introduces an artificial annual cycle in the measured TOC. Removal of these effects improves the accuracy of TOC measurements at Thessaloniki.


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The authors acknowledge the Atmospheric Soundings portal of the University of Wyoming ( for providing the radiosonde data and the TOMS GSFC NASA science team for the LLM ozone climatology (


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  1. 1.Laboratory of Atmospheric PhysicsAristotle University of ThessalonikiThessalonikiGreece

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