The Market: Identify Trends at an Early Stage

  • Christian HomburgEmail author
  • Heiko Schäfer
  • Janna Schneider
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The focus here is on the identification of change and trends in the marketplace, representing an essential skill for any sales organization. The authors develop a model that considers change-related information in five different areas:
  • The company’s own position in the market under review,

  • Competitor behavior in the market under review,

  • Customer behavior,

  • General market characteristics, and

  • Other environmental factors.

As in other sections of the book, the authors lay out detailed approaches to tackling this information challenge.


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  • Heiko Schäfer
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  • Janna Schneider
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  2. 2.MünchenGermany
  3. 3.GanderkeseeGermany

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