The Drive for Systematic Sales Management: The Sales Excellence Approach as a Roadmap

  • Christian HomburgEmail author
  • Heiko Schäfer
  • Janna Schneider
Part of the Management for Professionals book series (MANAGPROF)


This chapter lays out the basic two-pronged focus of the rest of the book, emphasizing the goals of increasing productivity and increasing customer orientation. The authors also document past research suggesting that the sales organization has the most “upside” (and, consequently, need for improvement) in most organizations, supporting the value of the lessons in this book. Fundamentally, this chapter proposes the basic framework for achieving superior sales results, centering of coordinated efforts in:
  • Sales Management

  • Sales Strategy

  • Information Management

  • Customer Relationship Management

Finally, this chapter lays out the first of the checklists forming the scoring system promoted in Sales Excellence.


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