Substrate Coating

  • Andreas Giessmann


During the 1980s and 1990s the focus of the coating industry was placed on the development of new technologies and application systems, as well as on the integration of additional units such as corona or plasma pre-treatments, UV radiation or drying using IR and NIR fields. Efforts increased to develop hot joining substances, so-called hot-melts or melted glues, and the necessary application technologies for the growing laminating and coating industry, as well as film coating. New application machinery had to be developed for very special applications such as nano, film and extrusion coating. The rapid response to the needs of the market lead to multifunctional coating heads, which allow the textile finishing industry a high degree of variability and flexibility. The desire in the industry for laboratory and pilot plant systems was satisfied by the development of laboratory systems which made it possible to transfer new coating solutions directly to a large production line.


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