Damage and Recovery from the 1999 Chichi Earthquake in Taiwan

  • Jiin-Song Tsai
  • Lap-Loi Chung
  • Karl Gee-Yu Liu
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This article briefs some experiences and the lessons learned from the disaster of the Chichi earthquake that hard struck central Taiwan on September 21, 1999. Most of the contents are on the basis of many existing literatures. Presented first herein are issues of damages resulted in by the earthquake, including damages to buildings, bridges and ground problems, etc. The aftermath reconstruction and recovery works are described in the following. Finally, the important achievement and preparedness for mitigating future earthquakes are also delineated.


Chichi earthquake Damage Recovery 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Jiin-Song Tsai
    • 1
  • Lap-Loi Chung
    • 2
  • Karl Gee-Yu Liu
    • 2
  1. 1.Department of Civil EngineeringNational Cheng Kung UniversityTainanTaiwan
  2. 2.National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering (NCREE)TaipeiTaiwan

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