Elastic–Plastic Waves in a Loosened Material

  • Oxana Sadovskaya
  • Vladimir Sadovskii
Part of the Advanced Structured Materials book series (STRUCTMAT, volume 21)


A priori estimates for solutions in characteristic cones, which provide assurance that a boundary-value problem with initial data and dissipative boundary conditions is well-posed in the framework of a model describing dynamic deformation of an elastic–plastic granular material, are obtained. Shock adiabatic curves for plane longitudinal compression waves, propagating in an unbounded body, are constructed for various combinations of mechanical parameters of a material. Computational algorithm for the analysis of propagation of shock waves of small amplitude in a granular material, based on the method of splitting with respect to physical processes and with respect to spatial variables, is proposed. The results of two-dimensional computations of interaction of signotons in an inhomogeneous loosened material accompanied by a transverse cumulative ejection as well as the results of modeling of the “dry boiling” process (formation of continuity jumps in a material under the action of periodic load and their collapse) are presented.


Shock Wave Variational Inequality Granular Material Jacobi Equation Displacement Discontinuity 
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