Rotational Degrees of Freedom of Particles

  • Oxana Sadovskaya
  • Vladimir Sadovskii
Part of the Advanced Structured Materials book series (STRUCTMAT, volume 21)


On the basis of a mathematical model of the Cosserat continuum and a generalized model, that describes the different resistance of a material with respect to tension and compression, the influence of rotational motion of particles onto the stress-strain state of a granular material is studied. It is shown that a couple-stress elastic medium has the resonance frequency, coinciding with the frequency of natural oscillations of rotational motion of the particles. The solution of the problem of uniform shear of a granular material, having rotational degrees of freedom, is analyzed in the framework of linear and nonlinear models.


Variational Inequality Rotational Motion Couple Stress Inertia Tensor Angular Velocity Vector 
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