• Gerhard Silber
  • Christophe Then


The mechanical characterization of body support materials is presented. After an introduction of extra-corporal and intra-corporal body support devices (Sect. 4.1), the mechanical description of polymeric soft foam material on the microstructure and macrostructure level is introduced, (Sect. 4.2). Details regarding the experimental approach, as well as the material parameter identification to continuum mechanical description of the steady state (equilibrium) elasticity, (Sects. and, are shown. The characterisation and modelling of polymeric soft foam viscoelastic material behaviour based on material equations of nonlinear hyperelasticity and linear viscoelasticity at finite strain is presented, (Sects. and Automotive and aircraft seat material characterization is demonstrated, (Sect. 4.2.2).


Plate Compression Foam Material Polymeric Foam Equilibrium Elasticity Mullins Effect 
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