Complete Mathematical Model of Laminar Free Convection Film Condensation of Pure Vapour

  • De-Yi Shang
Part of the Heat and Mass Transfer book series (HMT)


In this chapter, the work is focused on constitution of mathematical models of the laminar free convection film condensation of superheated vapor, while, the film condensation of saturated vapor is only regarded as its special case. The new similarity analysis method is successfully applied for similarity transformation of the governing partial differential equations of laminar free convection film condensation of superheated vapor with consideration of coupled effects of variable physical properties of liquid and vapor films. In the transformed governing ordinary differential equations, the dimensionless velocity components of liquid and vapor films have definite physical meanings, and then the solutions of the governing models can be understood easily. In the analysis and similarity transformation of the mathematical models, the interfacial balance equations between the liquid and vapor films are considered in detail, such as mass flow rate balance, velocity component balance, shear force balance, temperature balance, and energy balance. Therefore, such mathematical model is serious theoretically and has its application value in practice.


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