Evolutionary Inspired Solutions for Energy Management in Green Computing: State-of-the-Arts

  • Joanna Kołodziej
Part of the Studies in Computational Intelligence book series (SCI, volume 419)


The quest for more powerful computational resources has enabled significant scientific discoveries and also has immensely improved people’s daily life. However, such advancement has significantly strained the electrical energy resources, distribution, and protection systems. Therefore, in the past several years, engineers, researchers, and vendors have teamed up to design, develop, and test devices, procedures, methodologies, and algorithms that constrict the use of electrical energy in computing devices. This chapter surveys the field from the perspective of evolutionary inspired solutions for energy management in “green” computing. This survey bridges two distinct research fields: (a) evolutionary computing and (b) green computing. The presented models are classified according to a general taxonomy of energy and resource management methods in large-scale heterogeneous computing systems.


Sensor Node Wireless Sensor Network Distribute Computing System Dynamic Voltage Scaling Differential Pulse Code Modulation 
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