Characterization and Stochastic Modeling of Wind Speed Sequences

  • Calif
  • Emilion
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Wind energy production is very sensitive to turbulent wind, in particular when wind power variations range from few seconds to 1 hour, are considered. Indeed rapid changes in the local meteorological condition as observed in tropical climate can provoke large variations of wind speed. Consequently the electric grid security can be jeopardized due to these fluctuations. This is particularly the case of island networks as in the Guadeloupean archipelago (French West Indies) where the installed 20 MW wind power already represents 11% of the electrical consumption. From 1 million wind sequences of duration 10 minutes, sampled at 1 Hz during the trade season, we proceed toward two objectives: i) the characterization of the wind speed sequences, ii) the dynamical simulation of the wind sequences using Langevin equation.


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  1. 1.EA 4098 LARGE, University of Antilles GuyaneUFR SEN Pointe-a-PitreFrance
  2. 2.MAPMO, UMR CNRS 6628 University of OrleansOrleansFrance

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