The Emergence of Green Business Models

  • Axel Sommer
Part of the Sustainable Production, Life Cycle Engineering and Management book series (SPLCEM)


Climate change and its potential impact has had an enormous increase in attention in the media, in politics and in the public at large. Consequently, the topics climate change and sustainability have more and more become a priority for top management of corporations (Economist Intelligence Unit 2008b). This trend is also reflected in increased communication about sustainability: According to a survey of the professional services firm KPMG, almost 80 percent of the largest 250 corporations has published a corporate responsibility report by 2008, up from 52 percent in 2005 (KPMG 2008, 14). Another trend is that sustainability is not considered solely a threat anymore that has to be addressed via defensive strategies in order to mitigate reputation or litigation risks. Moreover, sustainability is no longer considered a question of philanthropy. Instead, more and more companies view sustainability as an opportunity to gain a competitive edge and create tangible, economic value (Esty & Winston 2009).


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