Modeling and Simulation of Manufacturing Process to Analyze End of Month Syndrome

  • Sanjay V. Kulkarni
  • Kumar G. Prashanth


Manufacturing industries across the globe face numerous challenges to become 100% efficient but each and every industry has its own constraints / problems with their functional system to achieve 100% excellence. End of the month syndrome is one of the major problems almost all manufacturing industries face with the ever growing demand and the competition around. Manufacturers find it really difficult to achieve their potential if they produce more than 25% of their monthly shipment plan in the last week of the month or more than 33% of their quarterly shipment plan in the last month of the quarter. Companies that live with the "end-of-the-month-crunch will be burdened with premium freight, internal expediting, overtime costs, and production inefficiencies that will crush their bottom line goals. But effective upfront planning and timely execution can make the “end-of-the-month-crunch" a bad memory and eliminate those profit killers. The causes for end of the month syndrome are raw material constraints and production inefficiencies, last minute product changes, stoppage and machine down time in manufacturing line etc. Manufacturing industries can analyze these challenges through the application of modeling and simulation technique with the existing system and try out various “what-if scenarios” (sensitivity analysis) without any physical changes to the existing process & thus find a solution to all those problems leading to End of the Month Syndrome.


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