The DuMux Material Law Framework

  • Andreas Lauser
Conference paper


Numerical simulation of multi-phase, multi-component flow in porous media is a very challenging task. Besides conceptional issues like the proper separation of scales, this is primarily because of the strong non-linearities caused by the heterogeneities of the porous medium as well as the complicated thermodynamics of miscible multiphase flow. This document tries to first provide a rough overview on the relevant parts of thermodynamics for multiple fluid phases and multiple chemical species in a porous medium. It then proceeds to the implementation of this abstract framework in the Dune based numerical simulation toolbox DuMux which is, like Dune, publicly available as free software under the terms of the General Public License (GPL).


Porous Medium Capillary Pressure Relative Permeability Local Thermodynamic Equilibrium Mechanical Equilibrium 
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