Optical Properties of Silicon Nanoparticles

  • Cedrik Meier
  • Axel Lorke
Part of the NanoScience and Technology book series (NANO)


This chapter reviews recent results on optical spectroscopy on silicon nanoparticles. The quantum confinement effect causing a spectral shift of the photoluminescence together with an intensity enhancement is discussed. The small spatial dimensions lead not only to a change of the electronic states, but affect also the vibronic spectrum as is seen in results on first- and second-order Raman scattering. Using time-resolved spectroscopy, the excitonic fine structure of silicon nano-particles is investigated and a crossover of bright and dark exciton states is found. The analysis of the recombination dynamics allows to determine the size-dependence of the oscillator strength, which is in the order of 10\(^{-5}\) and increases with decreasing particle size. Finally, we demonstrate an electroluminescence device based on silicon particles using impact ionization.


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