Research of the Formation Mechanism of Widmanstatten Ferrite in 30Mn2 Steel

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In this paper, 30Mn2 steel has been chosen as the research object to study the influence of austenitizing temperature on widmanstatten ferrite. The study concluded that: 1) The microstructure obtained under the condition of 1300 °C as the full austenitizing temperature followed by air cooling is somewhat equivalent to equilibrium microstructure; if the sample is austenized at 1200 °C followed by air cooling, the microstructure is composed of massive ferrite and Widmanstatten ferrite; however, the characteristic of Widmanstatten ferrite obtained under the condition of 1000°C autenized temperature followed by air cooling is not evident. 2)There are significant differences in the microstructures obtained under the condition of different austenitizing temperature, which is followed by the same air-cooled cooling. The relative high austenitizing temperature (1300 °C, 1200 °C) and/or low temperature austenite (1000 °C) followed by same air cooling result in the microstructure with weak Widmanstatten charactericstic; but the autstenizing temperature 1000°C followed by air cooling result in the evident Widmanstatten ferrite and in some places it even penetrate across the original Austenite grain boundary.


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