Teaching Reform Practice of Course of Routing and Switching Technology

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The course of Routing & Switching Technology is a course with strong practicality. This paper proposes the course reforming measures like reforming the experiment part, the teaching methods and means, and the examination forms under the premise of taking the construction of teaching materials as the core, insists that the case teaching method is the dominant ideas for this course and the on-line classes are the powerful supplement for the classroom teaching, and forms a teaching system including theory teaching, experiment teaching in class, comprehensive design and on-line classes. This paper emphasizes not only the theory but also the practice, and it proposes to improve students’ skills through practice.

Considering students’ characteristics and the tough job market, the course reform is imperative. In order to improve the teaching effect of the course of Routing & Switching Technology and students’ interests, to perfect students’ knowledge and ability structure and to shorten the distance between the school and society, according to the teaching purposes and the content architecture of the course of Routing & Switching Technology and combining the features of the professional courses for network engineering, we will carry out a full teaching reform of this course which has a high requirement for practice.


The construction of the teaching materials Teaching reform case teaching 


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