The Exploration on Practice Teaching Model to Cultivate Innovative Talents Case Study of “Database Technology and Application” Course

  • Liu Minhua
Part of the Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing book series (AINSC, volume 146)


The university students in the information age need to grasp the basic thinking methodology to analyze and solve the problem, applying the computer technology into special fields. The key point of cultivating innovative talents is the implementation of practice teaching. Taking the course of “database technology and application” as an example, this paper proposes the reform idea for computer basic courses in university by the exploration of parallel task-driven practice teaching model. With the rapid development of social informationization, teaching notion for college computer basic course is gradually being developed into “for the purpose of application and emphasis on practice” and cultivation of innovative talents has become an important goal for college teaching reform. One major point in the reform of college basic computer course teaching is to strengthen the management of practice teaching in the whole teaching process. The course of “database technology and application”, as the core course in college basic computer course teaching, must be faced with a significant reform in teaching practice.


Innovation Teaching reform Practice teaching model Database technology and application Synthetic design experiment 


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