Complications of Botulinum Toxins

  • Kenneth R. Beer
  • Jacob Beer


Botulinum toxins are among the most researched and utilized molecules used for cosmetic procedures. The vast experience with these proteins spans more than three decades, and during that time, millions of injections utilizing them have been performed. As with any drug or device, not all of these injections are without risk. Typically, injections with botulinum toxins are low-risk procedures, and the adverse events are related to injection site reactions. However, there are instances when an adverse event is related to the botulinum protein. These adverse events may be dose related, placement related, or idiosyncratic. Some complications may be related to medications concomitantly taken by the patient or to an underlying medical condition (which may or may not be known to the patient). One other type of complication associated with botulinum toxins deserves mention as well- the use of counterfeit or non-pharmaceutical grade botulinum toxins.


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