Crystals, Lattices, Lattice Vibrations and Phonons

  • Claus F. Klingshirn
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In this chapter we start to discuss topics that are specific to crystalline solids and, starting with Chap.8, to semiconductors. We shall inspect the elementary excitations and quasi particles in semiconductors in Chaps.7-10. These will be needed to describe and understand the linear optical properties in Chaps. 11-18. More details about these elementary excitations are found in textbooks on solid state physics; see for examples the references given in Chap.1 like [81A1]a, h or [75Z1, 81M1, 89K1, 93K1, 95C1, 95I1, 97S1] and many others.


Dispersion Relation Brillouin Zone Optical Phonon Lattice Vibration Reciprocal Lattice 
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