What about Constraints in RDF?

  • Jan Paredaens
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Dear Bernhard

Dresden, January 19-23, 1789, sorry 1987. The first MFDBS, Mathematical Fundamentals of Database Systems. There we met for the first time. To be still more precise, I arrived with my car on Sunday January 18, around 5 pm. It could have been 5.30 pm. This is the exact point in time we met. Bernhard, it is exactly 25 years ago. Another reason to celebrate! That meeting was the first one in a long list that is surely not complete: Dresden, Berlin, Antwerp, New Jersey, Antwerp, Rostock, Eindhoven, Visegrad, Antwerp, Sofia, ... Kuwait. Indeed I visited you in Kuwait the week of November 9, 1989. I still remember that on that evening I saw, with glass of wine that you produced yourself in your apartment, on your TV set how the Berlin Wall felt down. An historical moment!!!


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