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A Dynamic-Epistemic Logic for Mobile Structured Agents

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Multi-agent systems have been studied in various contexts of both application and theory. We take Dynamic Epistemic Logic (DEL), one of the formalisms designed to reason about such systems, as the foundation of the language we will build.

BioAmbient calculus is an extension of π-calculus, developed largely for applications to biomolecular systems. It deals with ambients and their ability to communicate and to execute concurrent processes while moving.

In this paper we combine the formalism of Dynamic Epistemic Logic together with the formalism of BioAmbient Calculus in order to reason about knowledge maintained and gained upon process transitions. The motivation lies in developing a language that captures locally available information through assignment of knowledge, with potential application to biological systems as well as social, virtual, and others.

We replace the ambients of BioAmbient Calculus with agents, to which we attribute knowledge, and explore the parallels of this treatment. The resulting logic describes the information flow governing mobile structured agents, organized hierarchically, whose architecture (and local information) may change due to actions such as communication, merging (of two agents), entering (of an agent into the inner structure of another agent) and exiting (of an agent from the structure of another). We show how the main axioms of DEL must be altered to accommodate the informational effects of the agents’ dynamic architecture.


  • dynamic epistemic logic
  • mobile agents
  • structured agents
  • multi-agent system
  • subagent
  • indistinguishability of states
  • knowledge (logic)
  • bioambient

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