Vizgr: Linking Data in Visualizations

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Working with data can be very abstract without a proper visualization. Yet, once the data is visualized, it presents a dead end, so the user has to return to the data level to make enrichments. With Vizgr (, we offer an elegant simplification to this workflow by giving the opportunity to enrich the data in the visualization itself. Data, e.g. statistical data, data entered by the user, from DBpedia or other data sources, can be visualized by graphs, tag clouds, on maps and in timelines. The data points can be connected with each other, with data in other visualizations and any web address, regardless of the source. It allows users to make data presentations without changing to the data level, once the data is in the system. In an evaluation, we found that over 85% of the participants were able to use and understand this technology without any training or explicit instructions.


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