Making Data Analysis Ubiquitous: My Journey Through Academia and Industry

  • Hillol Kargupta


This chapter presents an overview of my work in the field of distributed data mining over the last 15 years and shares some of my experiences from this journey. The chapter first describes the context and my early work in this area. Next, it presents an overview of the milestones of my algorithmic work and the commercialization of the technology. It spends some time explaining the applications that made a difference in the real life and explains some of the challenges I faced in doing so. Finally, it shares my thoughts about some of the lessons I learned and some suggestions for the next generation of data mining researchers.


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The author would like to thank all the organizations that funded his research over the last 15 years including the National Science Foundation, NASA, Department of Defense, Department of Energy, Caterpillar, IBM, and many other organizations. The current work is funded by the NASA grant and AF MURI grant.


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