Analysis for Innovation Performance of the Enterprise in Industrial Cluster Based on the Network

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With the high development of economy in era of knowledge economy, enterprise’s innovation should be achieved by the network. In a network, the innovation of an enterprise is affected by many factors. Through the exploitation, test, correlation analysis and regression analysis of tables, the article show that there is a positive correlation between network density and technological innovation, a negative correlation between network strength and technological, a positive correlation between network members(Suppliers, partners, financial institutions, intermediaries, government)and enterprise’s innovation. It is also give some conclusion: Enterprises in cluster should explore and make good use of the value of the innovative network, for the network members may become potential resource to promote enterprise innovation. The basis of enterprise’s innovation is to manage competition and cooperation during the enterprises in cluster, to create trust and cooperation atmosphere. Besides, the government can use policy to guide the formation of a network structure and also take advantage of the innovation to enhance the competition in industry cluster area.


Network Industry cluster Innovation of the enterprise 


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