Transport Phenomena in Porous Structures

  • Frank A. CoutelierisEmail author
  • J. M. P. Q. Delgado
Part of the Advanced Structured Materials book series (STRUCTMAT, volume 20)


The phenomenon of diffusion and dispersion (axial and radial) in packed beds is summarized and reviewed for literature data. Several variables should be considered, such as the length of the packed column, viscosity and density of the fluid, ratio of column diameter to particle diameter, ratio of column length to particle diameter, particle size distribution, particle shape, effect of fluid velocity, and temperature effect (or Schmidt number). Empirical correlations are presented for the prediction of dispersion coefficients (axial and radial) over the entire range of practical values of Schmidt number and Peclet numbers. Engineering aspects of radial and axial dispersion on non-Newtonian fluids in packed beds are also considered.


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