Building Brands with Music: Australian Cases

  • Laurie Murphy
  • Andrea Schurmann
  • Gianna Moscardo


Music is a powerful medium of communication, evoking both strong emotions and stimulating the senses. Not surprisingly music has become an important component of effective brands. This chapter examines the links between music and brands using three Australian case studies: Wolf Blass, Qantas, and the television show Offspring. The three case studies presented illustrate the role that music can play in fostering brand knowledge transfer at all levels, at developing emotional ties between the brand and the consumer and among consumers in the brand community, in defining and differentiating brand personality, and in weaving the brand into the thoughts, feelings, emotions and daily experiences of consumers. However, it is important to note that congruency with both brand image and self-identity are core to the success of any attempt to use music as the emotional link between brands and consumers.


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