• Hans Groth
  • Alfonso Sousa-Poza


Demographic change and unprecedented population dynamics are a global phenomenon affecting both the developed and the developing world. This inevitable change, however, does not simply involve the size of a given nation's population – it also entails a new relationship between generations, one that on a national level presents challenges related to the economy, wealth, health, political governance, and social structures. Such demographic change can also affect relations between individual nations and regions, creating new alliances and increasing the influence of some countries while decreasing the power of others. How then will the various actors respond? To answer this question, we first recognize that demographic development and planning for a country’s future – both in economic and social terms – is characterized by one important feature: it focuses not merely on the future but on long-term outcomes over periods far beyond those usually considered.


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This book would not have been possible without the very generous support received from a number of institutions and individuals. In particular, we are very grateful for the financial support received from Arthur Eugster, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), and the Qatar Foundation. We would also like to thank Matthias Bichweiler and Stefanie Koenig for their excellent support in getting this book published on time.


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