Assessing Significant Phenomena in 1D Linear Perturbation Multiphase Flows

  • Alberto Soria
  • Elizabeth Salinas-Rodríguez
Part of the Environmental Science and Engineering book series (ESE)


A procedure based on small perturbations linearization is developed for the assessment of relevant physical effects in fast fluidized beds. The fluid compressibility and wall interaction effects onto a main incompressible behavior are appreciated. A model by contributions is developed and the coefficients of all terms are evaluated in order to assess their significance. The process to get a lumped model is performed and the equivalence of lumped terms and variables under asymptotic conditions is developed. It is shown how wall effects are able to change a parabolic to a hyperbolic structure and how a third order waving structure collapses to a first order one onto a diffusive operator, under the limit of the incompressibility assumption.


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The authors highly acknowledge the Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología (CONACyT), México, for financial support through Grant CB-2005-C01-50379-Y.


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  1. 1.I.P.H. DepartmentUniversidad Autónoma Metropolitana-IztapalapaMexicoMexico

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