Organic Laws of Transfer or Delegation (Article 150.2 SC): An Open Door to the Modification of the Constitutional Distribution of Competences

  • Juan María Bilbao Ubillos


In the Spanish legal system, which is based to a large extent on the affirmation of the dispositive principle, the Constitution is not the only legislation that regulates the distribution of competences. Other infraconstitutional norms complete this operation of demarcation or delineation. It is, in fact, the Statute of Autonomy, as a basic institutional law of each Autonomous Community, which determines “the competences assumed within the framework established in the Constitution” (147.1.d). However, the Statute is a rigid norm, which can only be reformed via a complex process involving the participation of the institutions of the Community itself. Constitutionally recognised autonomy is guaranteed precisely for that reason, because the State cannot unilaterally modify the Statute, without the consent of the institution that represents the citizens of the Community.


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