Determining of Local Attributions on Sectorial Legislation in Spain

  • Cristina Zoco Zabala


The objective of this work is to explain the problems derived from statutory regulation of local attributions in the competencies of the Autonomous Communities (Translator’s note: According to Article 143 of the 1978 Spanish Constitution, Autonomous Communities are territorial administrations composed of provinces with common historical, cultural, and economic characteristics. They are therefore entities similar—up to a certain point—to States in the United States and to the German Länder, albeit with considerable differences in terms of competencies with the aforementioned American and German entities and also with differences in competencies between the 17 existing Autonomous Communities) in Spain. Local autonomy is a concurrent competence that depends on it being attributed by the Spanish Central State, which in practice means that the development of its basic characteristics, in terms of listing the pertinent local attributions, is something that depends on the margin of intervention as established by the relevant Spanish Central State-level organs. Apart from its condition of being a concurrent competence, local autonomy is an institutional guarantee of minimum contents, recognised as a right but undefined as such in the Spanish Constitution. As a result, the quantum of Autonomous Community intervention in this matter is quite limited from a constitutional perspective. Since the competences of the Autonomous Communities are attributions determined by Statutes of Autonomy (according to article 147.2. of the Spanish Constitution), the proposal here is to regulate the local attributions of Autonomous-Community competences within the sectorial laws that regulate each matter. In this way, the rigid procedure of statutory reform is disconnected from the contingencies of the basic law to which, in any event, corresponds the determination of the margin of Autonomous Community intervention in the subject matter.


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