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Russia is physically the largest country in the world, and hidden within its vast landscape are valuable oil and gas resources. The country’s currency is the Russian ruble (RUB) which traded at RUB30 to US $1 in 2010. Russia has a rich literary history, and the official language spoken is Russian although there are a large number of minority languages.

Dmitry Medvedev has served as the country’s president since 2008, succeeding Vladimir Putin. Putin today serves as Prime Minister and retains considerable influence.

Tension in the Caucasus region of Chechnya has plagued the country for more than a decade. Violence has drawn the attention of human rights groups, both local and foreign, as allegations of human rights abuses have come against the state. A major suicide bomb in September of 2010 called into question the stability of the region, once again.

The 2008 global financial slow down affected Russia deeply, seeing the collapse of the stock market in...


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