Securing Data Provenance in the Cloud

  • Muhammad Rizwan Asghar
  • Mihaela Ion
  • Giovanni Russello
  • Bruno Crispo
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Cloud storage offers the flexibility of accessing data from anywhere at any time while providing economical benefits and scalability. However, cloud stores lack the ability to manage data provenance. Data provenance describes how a particular piece of data has been produced. It is vital for a post-incident investigation, widely used in healthcare, scientific collaboration, forensic analysis and legal proceedings. Data provenance needs to be secured since it may reveal private information about the sensitive data while the cloud service provider does not guarantee confidentiality of the data stored in dispersed geographical locations. This paper proposes a scheme to secure data provenance in the cloud while offering the encrypted search.


Secure Data Provenance Encrypted Cloud Storage Security Privacy 


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  • Muhammad Rizwan Asghar
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  • Mihaela Ion
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  • Giovanni Russello
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  • Bruno Crispo
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