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  • Claudia Backes
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The purified HiPco> SWCNTs (Batch P0343, residual weight 5%) were purchased from Unidym Inc. (U.S>). In case of the covalently functionalized SWCNTs, the batch P0261 has been the used for further processing. Laser ablation SWCNTs (batch R0448) were obtained from Carbon Nanotechnology Inc. (U.S.). The purified CoMoCAT> SWCNTs (batch SG65-0012, residual weight 20%) were purchased from Southwest Nanotechnology Inc. (U.S.). All SWCNT> materials were used as received without further purification


Zeta Potential Measurement Total Surfactant Concentration Preparative Ultracentrifugation Swing Bucket Rotor Centrifuge Vial 
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