• Claudia Backes
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The work presented here served the purpose to gain fundamental insights in noncovalent functionalization of single-walled carbon nanotubes. The focus was directed towards establishing structure–property relationships of adsorbates and nanotubes in aqueous solution in order to understand nanotube dispersion and exfoliation, especially by designed surfactants. Up to now, despite the extraordinary progresses in the development of nanotube sorting techniques, the efficiency of nanotube separation as a foundation for their increased processability has been restricted by the limited exfoliation efficiencies of commercially available detergents. This is exactly the point where this work hooked in and enabled to pave the way to improved sorting.


Tetra Carboxylic Acid Dispersion Efficiency Noncovalent Functionalization Perylene Derivative Perylene Tetra Carboxylic 
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