Quasars in the Cosmic Environment

  • Mauro D’Onofrio
  • Paola Marziani
  • Jack W. Sulentic
  • Deborah Dultzin
  • Gordon Richards
  • Johan Knapen
  • Isaac Shlosman
  • Raffaella Morganti
  • Renato Falomo
  • Mike Hawkins
  • Alfonso Cavaliere
  • Ross McLure
  • Greg Shields
  • Hagai Netzer
  • Daniel Proga
  • Alberto Franceschini
  • Xiaoui Fan
  • Martin Elvis
Part of the Astrophysics and Space Science Library book series (ASSL, volume 386)


We now consider the environment of quasars in the widest possible sense, from the circumnuclear regions to very large scales of hundreds of kiloparsecs. The circumgalactic environment of nearby quasars has been widely studied since the late 1960s in an attempt to test its influence on the triggering of nuclear activity. The underlying hypothesis is that gravitational perturbations might ease the infall of matter toward the nucleus, providing accretion material for the central black hole.


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