The Superproblem at the Institute for Physical Problems

  • Isaak M. Khalatnikov


After the end of the war in 1945 he got the opportunity to get down to scientific work and return to Landau. L.D. Landau had moved from Kharkov to Moscow. He had spent a year in Lubyanka prison, then started working at the Institute of Physical Problems founded by P.L. Kapitsa after his return from Cambridge, where he was gathering talented theorists.

The work on the atomic project began. Kapitsa was removed from his role as head of the Institute. Landau was put in charge of the atomic bomb calculations, where the author played a crucial role.

Stalin died. Landau left the atomic project explaining his participation in the project as being due to his fear of Stalin only. The work continued under the author’s direction for some time. When the work on the hydrogen bomb development was completed, the author returned to the Institute of Physical Problems, where he continued his studies in the fields of low-temperature physics and quantum electrodynamics, which was rapidly developing at the time, together with Landau.


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