Innovation of Practice-Based Teaching Strategy in University via Web

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Insufficient applying the knowledge students learnt at school to real business environment could be one major reason for student to find jobs successfully. Insufficient practicing indirectly leads to lacking of relevant vocational skills of students, and the knowledge they learned at school is far behind the reality. Information development nowadays includes the knowledge newly upgraded, also refers the insufficient capability of the school to meet newly emerged knowledge. A practice-based teaching model becomes more and more significant in university education. In considering current status of practice-based teaching in universities, author working with enterprises designed and organized “National college-Students Contest on E-commerce Innovated Application”. Through the event, author designed a new vocational-improvement and practice-based teaching strategy trying to let contestants to solve real problems from companies. By find and give solutions of companies help the collaboration between schools and companies, also the improvement of practice-based teaching model. The result shows that the contest could largely engage company’s activity, and effectively improve vocational and professional skills of the students. It could be another good practice to enhance students’ capability.


Graduates employment practice-based teaching strategy Internet application Contest 


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  2. 2.China Central Radio and TV UniversityBeijingChina

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