SPAD-Based Sensors

  • Edoardo Charbon
  • Matt Fishburn
  • Richard Walker
  • Robert K. Henderson
  • Cristiano Niclass


3D imaging and multi-pixel rangefinding constitute one of the most important and innovative fields of research in image sensor science and engineering in the past years. In rangefinding, one computes the Time-Of-Flight of a ray of light, generated by a mono-chromatic or wide-spectral source, from the source through the reflection of a target object and to a detector. There exist at least two techniques to measure the Time-Of-Flight (TOF): a direct and an indirect technique. In direct techniques (D-TOF), the time difference between a START pulse, synchronized with the light source, and a STOP signal generated by the detector is evaluated. In indirect techniques (I-TOF), a continuous sinusoidal light wave is emitted and the phase difference between outgoing and incoming signals is measured. From the phase difference, the time difference is derived using well-known formulae.


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The authors are grateful to the Swiss National Science Foundation, the Swiss Government sponsored Nano-Tera and MICS grants, and Xilinx Inc.’s University Program.


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