Guidelines for Implementing ArcGIS API for Flex Developers

  • Georgianna Strode
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The ArcGIS Flex API from the Environmental Science Research Institute (ESRI) can produce rich, high-performing, engaging web mapping applications. It is usable out-of-the-box, with no programming needed. At the same time, there are significant programming resources available for those interested in customizing their maps. This discrepancy can be puzzling to those considering the option of using Flex because it is unclear how much programming is actually needed.

This incongruity carries over to the information and resources available for Flex developers. For example, there is ample information available for beginners who are not interested in programming, and there are also generous resources for advanced programmers. But at the time of this writing there is a gap in the information available to users who are in the process of determining how much programming they will need. This chapter attempts to fill this knowledge gap by providing general information on the Sample Flex Viewer (SFV) and a practical ten-step guide for beginning Flex developers.


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The author would like to thank Edwin Cake III and Michael Peterson for their thoughtful reviews and comments.


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