Metaheuristic Methods

  • Hime Aguiar e Oliveira Junior
  • Lester Ingber
  • Antonio Petraglia
  • Mariane Rembold Petraglia
  • Maria Augusta Soares Machado
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In this chapter we start to focus our attention only on heuristic methods, describing several important, well-established methods and trying to point out how and why they are useful whenever we face certain difficult optimization problems. Although (meta)heuristic algorithms are numerous, we opted for presenting here just a few of them, that, we believe, can give the reader a good view of the whole class. The emphasis will be on their qualitative aspects.


Genetic Algorithm Particle Swarm Optimization Simulated Annealing Differential Evolution Metaheuristic Method 
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  • Lester Ingber
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  • Antonio Petraglia
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  • Mariane Rembold Petraglia
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  • Maria Augusta Soares Machado
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