• Hime Aguiar e Oliveira Junior
  • Lester Ingber
  • Antonio Petraglia
  • Mariane Rembold Petraglia
  • Maria Augusta Soares Machado
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This chapter aims to introduce the readers to the fundamental ideas of global optimization, presenting, in a friendly way, its main techniques. Although we are also going to browse some traditional global optimization techniques, our emphasis along this book will be on evolutionary and nature-inspired algorithms, focusing on the adaptive simulated annealing paradigm and its more representative applications until now. The book aims to show readers how to use global optimization techniques to get their problems solved in practice, using simple and inexpensive tools.


Cost Function Global Optimization Blind Source Separation Attraction Basin Representative Application 
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  • Lester Ingber
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  • Mariane Rembold Petraglia
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  • Maria Augusta Soares Machado
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