Modelling Soil Behaviour

  • Alexander M. Puzrin


Compared to other natural and man-made materials, soils are not as spectacular as, e.g., the mother-of-pearl or liquid crystals. However, in terms of the mathematical description of their mechanical behaviour, soils are probably the most complex materials in the world. For instance, the most important advances in the Theory of Plasticity (originally developed for metals) have been achieved in an attempt to describe the irreversible mechanical behaviour of soils. As has been already mentioned in Chapter 1 of this book, soils are:
  • Multiphase (i.e., consist of solids, liquids and gases),

  • Granular (i.e., build of particles of different sizes and shapes),

  • Non-homogeneous (i.e., their mechanical properties vary in space),

  • Anisotropic (their mechanical properties vary with loading direction).


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