Semantic Map for Structural Bioinformatics: Enhanced Service Discovery Based on High Level Concept Ontology

  • Edouard Strauser
  • Mikaël Naveau
  • Hervé Ménager
  • Julien Maupetit
  • Zoé Lacroix
  • Pierre Tufféry
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The amount of bioinformatics services available over the web has dramatically increased over the last years. Generalist on-line catalogs help identifying a particular service in such a pool. Unfortunately, most of the time, querying those catalogs is only based on a textual search for a particular datatype or a domain of interest. In this context, we have developed the Structural Bioinformatics Semantic Map (SBMap), a dual level ontology that allows users to discover structural bioinformatics resources through the exploration of a graph of high level concepts. In this paper, we present how participative design workshops helped us to improve the navigation experiment. The SBMap discovery tool (release-candidate) is available at:


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  • Hervé Ménager
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  4. 4.Arizona State UniversityUSA

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