Oxidation Prevention with Vitamin E in a HXLPE Isoelastic Monoblock Pressfit Cup: Preliminary Results

  • Martin Beck
  • Daniel Delfosse
  • Reto Lerf
  • Roland Becker
  • Gary French
  • Lutz Hollmann
  • Karl Knahr
  • Helmy Naeder
  • Eric Meijer
  • Philipp Rehbein
  • Joseph Baines
  • Vincent Steenmeijer
  • Arthur de Gast


The first vitamin-doped HXLPE materials were recently introduced into clinical practice. The protection of HXLPE with vitamin E leads to excellent oxidation resistance. It has a number of important benefits for the material properties, most importantly, the effective prevention of any loss of toughness over the entire life span of the implant. The wear rates of hip simulator testing remain very low even when the implants are subjected to accelerated ageing up to times corresponding to 40 years in vivo.

This paper is the first to report on the clinical performance of vitamin E-blended HXLPE hip implants. From a cohort of 553 cases (528 patients), a 1-year follow-up is available for 164 cases. All patients showed stable implant fixation during the last follow-up performed. There was no sign of early loosening of the cup.


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  • Reto Lerf
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  • Roland Becker
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  • Gary French
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  • Lutz Hollmann
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  • Karl Knahr
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  • Helmy Naeder
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  • Eric Meijer
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  • Philipp Rehbein
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  • Joseph Baines
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  • Vincent Steenmeijer
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  • Arthur de Gast
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