Acute Infections After Osteosynthesis

  • Volkmar Heppert
Part of the European Instructional Lectures book series (EICL, volume 12)


Acute post-operative Osteomyelitis (APO) implies an infection of implant and/or soft tissue. Depending on the time of onset of infection after osteosynthesis there might be an infection of bone additionally. In the literature the time interval between acute and chronic varies from 4 weeks up to 12 weeks [1, 2]. Until now we do not have reliable data on the incidence of osteomyelitis (Table 1) following osteosynthesis which varies from 1% up to 55%. APO is the one of the most severe complications after trauma and operative stabilization or elective surgery in Orthopaedics.


Surgical Site Infection Metal Removal Chronic Osteomyelitis Surgical Site Infection Rate Radical Debridement 
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