Patellar Fractures

  • Jean-Christophe Bel
Part of the European Instructional Lectures book series (EICL, volume 12)


Thorough physical examination of patellar fractures must include research of concurrent injuries. Open fractures are common. Radiographic evaluation can determine the fracture type and for complex fractures CT is useful.

Treatment goals include restoring the extensor mechanism while maximizing articular congruency. Every effort should be made to preserve patellar bone-stock. Early active knee motion is mandatory to prevent stiffness.

Undisplaced fractures are managed with non-surgical treatment while displaced fractures are managed surgically. Once anatomic reduction is obtained, internal fixation with a modified anterior tension-band is the most current method. Total patellectomy should be avoided. Weight-bearing is always allowed.

Post-operative complications are rare and should be prevented. Knee-stiffness is the most common one. Symptoms from hardware and its subsequent removal are usual.


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