Micromouse at TEE, evolved as a mechanism to enthuse and engage students more fully in the practical aspects of designing real-time embedded systems, from both hardware and software perspectives. Static target boards are ideal for an introduction to embedded systems - to learn the basics of embedded hardware and software. Mobile robots bring in motor drives, positional encoders, distance sensors, closed-loop control theory, real-time systems design, mechanical considerations, and real-world problems relating to the multivariate environments in which these devices must operate. Mobile Robots are “Electronics on Wheels” – experience shows that things that move are far more engaging than things that don’t.

The design, build, and programming of a micromouse requires multi-disciplinary skills. It provides the opportunity for individual students to develop broad technical capability, for groups of mechanical, electronic, software and embedded systems students to develop team-working skills, and of course it has the element of competition that makes it fun and rewarding.

Birmingham City University hosts the UK Micromouse competition, as well as several smaller events throughout the year. UK Micromouse is the major event of BCU TECHFEST. The range of competitions has been extended to incorporate Schools Micromouse, which brings in line-followers, drag-racers and wall-followers as well as maze solvers. The aim is to support the STEM agenda – encouraging the study of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

This paper discusses the design of a micromouse for teaching embedded systems. In addition a model for micromouse software development is presented.


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